Thursday, 4 October 2012

Beautiful Brides

I know all of my recent posts have been about weddings... I have been a bit consumed by wedding related jewellery recently - with Rachel's wedding in August, Becky's coming up in October and my best friend's wedding in March, I am tiara-a-go-go. I have a vested interest in the jewellery for Anna's wedding in March as I am a bridesmaid!

Rach has kindly shared some photos of her wedding to show off the jewellery I made for her. I saw her and her husband (eeep!) at a wedding of a mutual friend this past weekend (more on that later) and Paul told me that the jewellery I had made was beautiful which made me really really happy. All I can do is try to make what I think will work and suit the bride. To be told I have made something beautiful is lovely.

Here are some photos of the gorgeous Rachel (and Paul) on their special day...

Are those not the happiest two people EVER? I love the look of sheer joy on Rachel's face in the first one. You can see the earrings in both shots and the bracelet in the second. Awww!

Anyway, on to the other wedding. Hannah married the lovely Michael last Saturday in Great Bookham in Surrey. Han, me and Rach have known each other since secondary school, and whilst we lost touch a bit, the magic of Facebook has kept us up to speed with each other's lives. Han was at Rachel's wedding and Rach advertised my wares so well that Hannah asked me to make her some earrings for her wedding. Of course, I agreed - and was able to make something that fitted her exact specifications! But, life is never simple... 

I made the earrings, and also two bracelets using semi precious fluorite and freshwater pearls beads for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. These I packaged up and posted of to Hannah with at least 6 days before the wedding... The Friday before I enquired if they had arrived safely, safe in the knowledge that I had posted them first class. No, said Hannah's lovely mum Cecilia, but not to worry the postie hadn't been yet... Later that day I had another message from Cecilia. Still no package. Panic stations! I decided to make another set and try to get the earrings to Hannah before she walked down the aisle... A wedding relay if you will. I managed (just!) to scrape together enough beads for two more bracelets as I was running low on the fluorite beads at this stage... I took them with me to the wedding on Saturday, hoping it would all work out. Thankfully I got a message from Cecilia as I was waiting at the church - the package had arrived earlier in the week but she'd forgotten about it! :) Phew!

These are the earrings I made for Hannah (a photo of the bracelets to follow when I have better light to take a photo of the "copies"! These are freshwater pearls with Swarovski crystals on sterling silver ear wires. Very simple but they suited Hannah's outfit and colour scheme perfectly!

All in all, it's been a busy few weeks beading. And now the Christmas rush begins!! I will update again soon!

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  1. you were a star :-) sorry for the drama, however I'd like to take the opportunity to advertise the 'twins' of my jewellery to potential buyers - they're all gorgeous :-) I'll send you a pic with me and earrings as soon as I get them back. Hx