Saturday, 20 October 2012

Da Doo Ron Ron

Last post about wedding jewellery for  a while, I promise! 

Yesterday was Becky and Arron's "vintage" themed wedding. Sadly I was only able to be there in the evening as I had to work during the day (*damn you, day job!) but it was a pleasure to be part of a fabulous evening of music, dancing, doughnuts and divas! I have shared some photos of the bridesmaid's hair accessories, as made by moi, on Facebook. If I get permission, I'll post them on here too. There isn't a close up photo of the hair comb I made for Becky's bridesmaid Emma, but I posted a photo of it here and a photo of the hair band here when they were first made. 

Below is a picture of the hair clips of doom as they began to be known as! I had a few issues getting the beads to stay where I needed them at first, so I helped them along with some glue. I then made the fateful error of storing them in a resealable bag, like I do with all the jewellery I make... The glue had a reaction in the bag and the clips were ruined! So I started again, this time careful not to store them erroneously...Then I accidentally wired one of the clips shut! But they were eventually finished and actually looked gorgeous in real life. They are made with a vintage clip base, pink tear-drop shaped glass pearls and hot pink seed beads.

Becky looked stunning in her vintage style dress. I am a bit useless at knowing the styles from different eras, but I'd say 40's-50s? Becky was in a beautiful white (well duh!) dress with an amazing tulle skirt, and the most awesome shoes ever and the bridesmaids were pretty in pink. As Becky is a musician, there was an element of performance to the wedding. Arron had had a few singing lessons on the quiet and sang a Lionel Ritchie song for Becky, and then later on Becky returned the favour by singing "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" later on in the evening. I have heard Becky sing before but this was something else. It made me cry, it was so beautiful - and I don't cry at weddings! (I don't know why because I cry at everything else!)

Anyway, as I said, last wedding post for a while. I have a new venture in the pipeline and also am getting into Christmas commission season! If you're in the Romsey area, I am hopefully doing a stall in November at Academy Studios. More details to follow!

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