Saturday, 27 October 2012

A new venture

Worry not readers, this is not another wedding post!

I have been a bit manic this week as I have been indulging my other hobby, amateur dramatics. So, no jewellery made, except for a sweetie style bracelet for George who saw my "Woodland Wonder" bracelet and wanted an autumnal coloured one. I will take a decent photo of it and put it up on here...

Other than that I've been contemplating a new venture. A friend asked me if I do jewellery parties...I've never done one, but I am up for a challenge, and a different marketing strategy! So I've been developing kits for a children's party in November and possibly making kits for adults too. 

If you were attending a jewellery party, what would you want to make? If you have kids, what sort of thing would they want to bring away from a party? Have you been to a party like this, or have you run one? Please let me know!


  1. I'd love to make a pendant or a bracelet. My girls would be all over bracelets or, for the younger one, earrings.

  2. Weddings are fun! Write away!

    When I held jewelry parties, bracelets were the easiest -- all I had to do was teach the crimping.

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